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The Essential RMA:
A Window into Readers' Thinking


By Yetta Goodman, Prisca Martens,
Alan Flurkey

Retrospective Miscue Analysis (RMA) was first a research tool.  Now it is a teaching tool.  Using RMA, readers of all ages learn to become proficient readers of text. RMA helps them participate in conversations about the reading process and helps them develop skills as readers and writers.

Information collected through miscue analysis leads to meaningful discussions between teacher and student and among students, with or without the teacher.  As stated in the Preface, "RMA has the power to bring back joy in teaching and engagement in learning.  Enough to revive good teaching; enough to nourish a learner." 

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 PK-3 Classrooms
  Books for Young Learners (BYL):

  Our Books for Young Learners (BYL)
  PK-3 collection includes 174 titles in soft covers,  82 of which are translated into Spanish. We have several theme collections like Diversity.

We want to give children something to think about.

In the Diversity Collection, our stories reflect differences in skin color, gender roles, life styles, customs, ethnic, family, and tribal practices.  In addition, we have included some fables and legends in the packages as insight to a range of cultures. We all have much to learn from each other.  The best time to start is when children are young
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Reading Miscue Inventory:
From Evaluation to Instruction Second Edition


by Yetta M. Goodman
      Dorothy J. Watson
      Carolyn L. Burke

A must-have for classroom teachers and adult educators who wish to know more about their students as readers as well as for graduate students studying reading behaviors. This revised edition of the Reading Miscue Inventory: Alternative Procedures includes a user-friendly reorganization of the procedures and offers an extensively updated and expanded research base and reference section.

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Books For Young Learners
 in Spanish

A collection of 82 fiction and nonfiction titles leveled by DLL

DLL has chosen BYL Spanish books for use in their assessment package.    

Ideal for ESL, LEP, Bilingual  classes, FLES, Partial Immersion, and Dual Language programs in the Primary grades.

Authentic adaptations by professional translators who are native speakers of Spanish.

Help students make the transition to English, or learn Spanish.

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Our Mission Statement

In 2017, we celebrated 35 years of
excellence in literacy education. 

Our publications include:

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  and administrators.

The focus of Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc. is literacy education with an emphasis on the teaching of reading and writing from a child-centered, meaning-centered perspective.

We believe that students become enthusiastic, independent,  life-long learners, and accomplished readers and writers, when supported and guided by skillful teachers. The books that we publish support these beliefs.

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