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The Proficient Reader Record

 Theory and use of Genre Assessment

 by Sheila Muldaur

 2004 pb 160 pgs
 Item 533     
 ISBN 1-57274-664-5    $21.95                  
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Proficient Reader Record Kit

 (Includes all four of the Proficient Reader Record books shown on this page.
 See other books below)

 2004 pb
 Item #537ISBN 1-57274-697-1    $79.95
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Developed by an experienced elementary school teacher, THE PROFICIENT READER RECORD is an assessment for measuring 3rd and 4th grade fluent readers’ comprehension of the reading process as it relates to a variety of genres. This assessment consists of the Theory and Use of Genre Assessment (a support book for administering and using the assessments) and three assessment modules. The theory book examines the assumptions behind reading process knowledge, assessment practices, and genre knowledge and explores the possibilities for planning instruction for individual students, small groups, and the entire class. Detailed examples for scoring and administration are demonstrated in all four books. Separate assessment modules examine the reader’s knowledge of the reading process, comprehension, and text features of these three genres:

- informational text, biography, and procedural text Fiction - fables, fairy tales, and fantasy short stories
Poetry and Plays

Each assessment module contains:
Carefully selected full-color pieces
    from actual high-quality children’s

Key components of the genre
    for the teacher
Three forms for the teacher
    to use when evaluating a student
Multiple forms for recording and
    tracking class-wide data on a genre
Forms provided as blackline masters
    for unlimited use by teachers.  More Detail

Education Book Review
Reviewed by Gladys Sterenberg, Assistant Professor,
Faculty of Education, University of Lethbridge

Reviewed by Jennifer A. Borek
University of Memphis



Author Bio:
Sheila Muldaur makes her home on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. She works in Oak Bluffs at a K-8 school, where she has taught since 1983 at the primary, intermediate, and middle school levels. Her classroom is a busy place where children read and write with gusto. Sheila uses the Proficient Reader Record with her own students, gaining information that guides her instruction and shows student growth. Since 1994, Sheila has worked with teachers across the country to develop their instruction through Literacy Learning summer institutes and during the school year in their own classrooms as a consultant with The Learning Network.


Genre Assessments   
For Fables, Fairy Tale And Fantasies  
More Detail

2004 pp 144 pgs (pbr)
Item # 535
1-57274-665-3 $23.95
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 Genre Assessments For Poetry And Plays
 More Detail  


 2004 pp 112pgs (pbr)
 Item #536

 1-57274-667-X       $23.95              
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Genre Assessments For 
 Informational,   Biographical,
 And Procedural Text           
 More Detail

 2004 pb 144 pgs (pbr)
 Item #534

 1-57274-669-6    $23.95
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