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In countries with the highest literacy rate, children have
the highest rate of exposure to reading at home.

We can help your PK-3 children
  become successful readers.


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PK-K (Emergent)

My Dog Fuzzy                   Pigs Peek 

          Zippers                Eat Your Broccoli  

  There Was a Mouse

Five Books
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1-2 (Fluent)

   Mama's Llamas        Pat and Pea Soup

My Favorite Bear      Diving for Treasure

Why Animals Never Got Fire

Five Books
Item Code – SPO15fl



 Pancakes for Breakfast          My Bug Box     

                Henry                        Too Many Nuts

Turtle Nest

Five Books
Item Code – SPO15er

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   Who is Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc.?
   What is independent reading and how can it help my child?
   What are the stages of reading development?

   What are the right books?
   Why are Books For Young Learners the right books?

   How can I try Books for Young Learners?



































Who is Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc.?

Who is Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc.?

We are an educational publisher north of New York City dedicated to developing the best resources for children learning to read and write. We have been committed to that goal for over thirty years.

Our Books for Young Learners (BYL) are used in classrooms by teachers who work with children in small reading groups to help them develop their skills. The books are also used in classrooms for independent reading.  Our purpose here is to provide books for independent reading for children at home.


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 Books For Young Learners PK-3

For readers in PK-3 Emergent, Early, and Fluent stages of reading development

174 titles are in the complete collection filled with beautifully depicted, engaging stories. 





























What is independent reading and how can it help my child?


What is independent reading and how can it help my child?

Independent reading is reading without adult support.

Research tells us that all children need frequent opportunities to read many books at their stage of reading development—books they can access easily and quickly on their own, books that pose very few challenges. Success builds confidence. Struggle results in frustration and undermines motivation. Reading books independently at their reading level can help children consolidate learning and enjoy reading.  Independent reading is not a destination at the end of the process, but is encouraged from the beginning.   

We want your child to say “I can read it myself!”. This will happen earlier in the experience of learning to read if the child has the right books.

                            BOOKS FOR YOUNG LEARNERS

              Your Child’s First Books for Independent Reading

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Independent Reading
Want to know about the RESEARCH on independent reading? Click on
 - Effects

You can learn more about our Books for Young Learners collection. Click on
                    BYL Introduction






























What are the stages of reading development?




  What are the stages of reading development?

All children begin life as emergent readers.  Most children will  progress to the early stage around age five and enter the fluent stage sometime in second grade.  For more information about the characteristics of children at each stage, click the link to the right.

 Throughout these years children need to have books read to them, and during the early school years they need effective instruction from skillful teachers who will provide shared reading experiences and guided reading lessons. Good teachers are also providing children with opportunities for independent reading. Independent reading at home complements what happens in school. 

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Using the Reading Development Stages 
will assist you and your child in quickly selecting the right books for his or her reading.


Emergent, Early and Fluent stages of reading development
Want to know more about reading development stages? Click on
              Reading Development Stages  






























What are the right books?

What are the right books?

BOOKS FOR YOUNG LEARNERS (BYL) are ideal for independent reading at three stages of your child's reading development —emergent, early, and fluent. The collection  consists of 174 high-quality, soft cover books  intended for children who are just learning to  read, or who are struggling with reading.

Books for Young Learners
provide meaningful insights and understandings about life, people, nature, and the world we live in. The content is presented from a child's point of view—exploring concepts like sharing, family, friendship, humor, diversity, adversity, culture, and animals—to hold their interest, which is key in getting children to read, and read often.   

Want to read a few of the books?  Fourteen ebooks are available for reading.  Click the link and take a look.

BYL books feature
    Identification of reading stages guide book selection
a wide variety of genre and subjects
complete stories with charm, impact, and appeal
rich text that is inviting and meaningful 
fiction and nonfiction stories
eye catching art that connects to and supports the text
page counts from 8-16 pages appropriate for independent reading
    various formats and sizes

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More Features of
Books for Your Learners

Our books vary in shape and in size which
replicates what you find in a library or trade
store. They provide wide range of multi-genre, fiction and nonfiction. Click on
               BYL listed by Genre

For Spanish Speaking Parents
82 of our Books for Young Learners titles are available in Spanish translations. They
can be purchased as separate titles or
as Spanish/English companion sets.
Click on
BYL in Spanish





























Why are Books For Young Learners the right books?



Why are Books For Young Learners the right books?

They are structured to build your child's reading skills.
The books in the collection increase in complexity and concepts
at each reading stage to support your child's reading development.

All of the BYL books are class-tested or trialed in classrooms
across the country before publication.  This process provides
data we use to determine the appropriate reading stage for that
book, and
to learn what supports the child in achieving success as
they move forward in becoming fluent readers.

The stage determination helps you and your child know what books
your child will need to support and build his or her stage of reading development.
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Want to know more about how we trial
our Books for Young Learners? Click on 

For parents who are interested in, or who are currently home schooling their children, we have several books of our website on early education. Click on professional books section  



































How can I try Books for Young Learners?


How can I try Books for Young Learners

Order the Special Parent Offer Packages  of your choice and we will send you  books for your young reader that are representative of the collection.

   Special Parent Offer Packages 

PK-K   Emergent           K-1  Early               1-2   Fluent    

   Five Books                        Five Books                       Five Books 
   Item Code – SPO15          Item Code – SPO           Item Code – SPO15
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Give the books to your child and watch her reaction.  Does one of the books catch her eye? Watch what she does with the book.  Does she hold it properly?  Does she look at the pages in sequence?  Do her eyes move from the illustration to the text and back?  Allow her to read the book any way she wants to.   

If she appears interested but uncertain  what to do, offer to read the book to her.  Read slowly with expression.  Point to each word if you wish. Be willing to read the book again and again with no expectation that she will take any responsibility to read.  

Your primary task is two fold:  Make the experience enjoyable and encourage your child to spend a small portion of each day with her own books. 

Want to know more about how to select books appropriate for your child and how to support him as a reader?  Call us at 1 800 262-0787 or write to


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Order additional independent reading packages appropriate for your child's stage of reading development.

 Independent Reading Packages
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For  EARLY Stage
While we have been focusing on Independent reading, all the books in the Books for Young Learners collection can be used for reading to and with your children. You will find the stories interesting, funny, and touching. Both you and your child will enjoy the time spent  reading.


"Reading at home improves reading at school!"

Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc.
PO Box 585 * Katonah, NY 10536

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