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  We can help your 4-8 year old children
  become successful readers at home.

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Give your children
great books to read!

We can help...
with books in
English or Spanish

Review:Brandi Tesreau,
The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
November, 2011

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The highest literacy rates are found where children have
the highest rate of exposure to reading at home.

Explore More Reading TO…WITH…BY

Parents who read TO their children provide endless opportunities to demonstrate how readers read, and how stories work, in addition to being good role models for increasing a child’s love of reading.
Parents who read WITH their children share in the role of reader, gradually turning over responsibility as the child is ready and able to take on a more active role.
Reading BY children, also called “independent reading”, is when the child is reading without adult support. Independent reading by children to parents is encouraged and enjoyed by both parent and child.

Reading books at his or her own level can help your child build reading skills, learn about the world they live in, and most of all enjoy reading. We want your child to say “I can read it myself!”  This will happen earlier in the process of learning to read if the child has the right books.  We can help!

  Book Notes
We offer Free Book Notes that will help you as parents get the best learning experience for your child out of each book. These are especially helpful if you are homeschooling your child.

 The BOOKS FOR YOUNG LEARNERS collection consists of 174
 high-quality, soft cover books in English for developing readers and
 writers. In addition we have 82 titles in Spanish. The books are
 structured to build your child’s reading skills. Click BYL books for a
 listing of all titles from simple to complex.

Whenever choosing books for your child look for books that provide
meaningful insights and understandings about life, people, nature, and the
world we live in. Seek content presented from a child's point of view
concepts like
sharing, family, friendship, humor, diversity, adversity, culture, and independence, to
hold their interest.


Give your children great books to read
At Home!
Great books for independent reading!


Below are four introductory packages of books. These books will prompt your child to proclaim,
"I can read it myself!"

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Emergent Reader Package
PK-1 just starting to read
8-16 pages

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Early Reader Package
K-2  reading at a beginning level
12 Pages-16

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Includes Shipping
Fluent Reader Package
1-3 reading fluently
12-16 Pages

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Includes Shipping
My Little Brother Ben            The Pond          

My Dog Fuzzy          There Was a Mouse  
                               Look inside

I Meowed     
Eat Your Broccoli           Strange Plants 

 No Dogs Allowed          The Bear’s Tale
Look inside

Nothing in the Mailbox 
FREE eBook
Hoketichee and the          Treasures 
Manatee     Look inside                                   



Tricky Rabbit            The Legend of

Too Many Nuts

Books in Spanish Package
PK-3 Learning to read in Spanish
8-16 pages

$20.00 Order Now
Includes Shipping

            Pollos                      Nada en el buzón            Panqueques para             Los pies del dragón         En busca de tesoros
     FREE eBook                     el desayuno                                                        


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