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May, 2015

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 From Shirley Clarke

Outstanding Formative Assessment:
Culture and Practice

 by Shirley Clarke

Outstanding Formative Assessment: Culture and Practice

For the past 15 years British academic Shirley Clarke has embraced a dynamic definition of formative assessment as a set of proven learning processes with which students are more likely to become lifelong learners.  At the heart of this approach to formative assessment is the idea of a learning culture.  

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 Introduction and Table Of Contents
 Growth mindset excerpt



Core sections of the book include:
  • Laying the foundations for formative assessment 
  • Effective starts to lessons
  • Developing the learning
  • Effective ends to lessons
  • Developing a whole-school approach

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Outstanding Formative Assessment serves as a valuable resource for K-12 educators. Shirley Clarke’s approach to the book describes a framework for effectively integrating the formative process at the classroom level. The author provides the necessary background information, numerous examples of teacher tested strategies for implementing the framework across a range of grade levels and content areas.."

   Kim Zeidler-Watters, College of Education
   University of Kentucky, Director of the Partnership Institute
   for Math and Science Education Reform


Read: Shirley Clarke's guest post on

Peter Dewitt's Blog
Finding Common Ground:
Formative Assessment: The Right Question
at the Right Time  
by Shirley Clarke

Shirley Clarke's post offers a clear insight to, and  practical strategies for Formative Assessment in today's classrooms. Demonstrating how the right question at the right time can enable as well as measure student progress and be a pathway to deeper understanding and success.

My passion is the practical application of the principles of formative assessment - working with action research teams across the UK and the US to experiment with ways in which we can maximize student achievement. Formative assessment, through its unfortunate mislabeling, has sometimes been misunderstood to be continuous summative action or something a teacher does to students to get information.

Formative assessment is, in fact, a number of elements which enable rather than measure progress, and result in students becoming assessment literate.  These are:...  Read More

   Shirley Clarke
   Formative Assessment: The Right Question
   at the Right Time - EdWeek May 8, 2015

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