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September RCOA - The Essential RMA

September RCOA - Alphabet Cards

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ILA Conference

The Essential RMA

September, 2015

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 If you had A Window into Readers' Thinking
 would it change your practice?

The Essential RMA:
A Window into Readers' Thinking
by Yetta Goodman, Prisca Martens, Alan Flurkey


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Table of Contents   Preface 
Author Bios   Endorsements
Retrospective Miscue Analysis (RMA) was first a research tool. Now it is a teaching tool that can be effectively used in the classroom.

Information collected through retrospective miscue analysis leads to meaningful discussions between teacher and student and among students, with or without the teacher, that helps learners to express their individual thinking about the reading process as it relates to their personal reading strategies.

RMA helps learners develop valuable knowledge of the principles of reading, and how and where to apply that knowledge to help them improve their reading and writing skills.

Understanding the thinking behind a learner’s action can be the linchpin to successful teaching and learning practices, and skill improvement for all students.

Get the book and get A Window into Readers' Thinking.


Blog with the authors!  Join the retrospective miscue blog where the authors and guests write about RMA and where you can post replies.


"The Essential RMA: A Window into Readers’ Thinking does it all. It spells out, step-by-step, how to conduct one of the most effective strategies ever devised for helping people of all ages develop as readers: Retrospective Miscue Analysis."

                             Carole Edelsky, Professor Emerita
                             Arizona State University

"By opening a window into readers’ minds, RMA provides teachers with strategies for engaging in authentic inquiries with students about their reading processes. The ultimate goal is so much more than a higher test score.  We aim for readers who are aware of their reading strategies and take charge of their own learning."

                             Kathy Short,
                             University of Arizona

"At a time when teacher expertise is being replaced by scripted and prescriptive programs, The Essential RMA is a rarity in that it invites teachers to work closely with ALL readers and design instruction that honors both students and what they bring to texts."

                             Catherine Compton-Lilly
                             Reading Recovery Emerita Trainer
                             University of Wisconsin Madison

"This easy to follow guide equips teachers with the tools they need to bring authentic reading assessment back into their classrooms and plan individualized instruction for every student."

                             Bess Altwerger
                             Towson University, Towson, MD

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Alphabet Card


September, 2015

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 It's Time for School, Again!
 We can help make learning easy as...

A, B, C

Our Alphabet Card is a tool for helping primary grade children as they learn to write. It helps children learn how to form letters, and also helps make the sound/letter associations stronger. 

The images on the Alphabet Card have been carefully researched and tested. The font most closely replicates actual handwriting rather than book print. Three diagraphs are included – “ch,” “sh,” and “th, - which are the most commonly used by primary-grade writers.


   Your students will have fun
  building their vocabulary
  as they discover new words for
   each letter of the alphabet!



Excerpt from
The Kindergarten Book
by Marilyn Duncan
creator of this alphabet card

"...The alphabet card links a familiar picture to the sound and the letter.  The link between the picture and the letter needs to be clear for the child, so it can be used almost immediately. The pictures are of objects that children can identify..."

"...Familiarity with the alphabet is increased by playing alphabet games, working with the card one-on-one and in small groups, and using the card in writing demonstrations. The alphabet card should quickly become a valuable resource for the child, the teacher, and the parent."

Read More from Marilyn

Alphabet Cards:
Package of 12
7" x 9.5" cards
Item# 8000 $12.95

Alphabet Demonstration Card:
One 9.5" x 14"
Item# 8001 $4.95
Alphabet Cards Classroom Set:
Package of 24
7" x 9.5" cards Plus
FREE 9.5" x 14" Demo Card
Item# 8002 $25.95

For our Alphabet Cards

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September, 2015

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Helping to Build A Community of Learners
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ILA Conference



July, 2015

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We Will Be at the ILA Conference
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St. Louis, Mo.  July 18-20, 2015
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Come to Our Author Signings

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    Yetta Goodman   7/18-19
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    Sylvia Vardell     7/18
    Janet Wong        7/18


ALL Professional Books
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