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October, 2014

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Author Autobiographies that appeal to Young Readers
 Core non-fiction books for every library

Autobiographies are part of the Common Core for readers in intermediate grades and middle school.  Author autobiographies add a distinctive element for young people who are developing as readers and exploring writing.  How do well-known children’s book writers approach their craft?  Richard C. Owen Publishers has the books that help readers and writers in the elementary grades and middle school learn from the best-known writers of children’s books.


   1 title in paperback
   32 pages  full-color
   $8.00 each
    $38.40 Six pack and Save $9.60

   32 titles in hard cover
   32 pages full-color
   $14.95 each
   Purchase the collection - 32 titles
  $406.40 and Save $72.00

The Collection: 32 titles by popular and award-winning authors, written especially for grades 2-5. Engaging text and fascinating, full-color photographs invite children to see how their favorite authors turn ideas into books.

Patricia Polacco's NEW book, Still Firetalking, now in paperback as well as hard cover. Show young writers where authors get their ideas and how they organize ideas into stories.  And more.

The original Firetalking, one of 32 titles in the Meet the Author collection, is in most school libraries.  Now the book is published in a new edition with the title Still Firetalking, the first of a new generation of Meet the Author books available in both hardcover and paperback.  In this new edition Patricia talks about her childhood and her challenges with learning to read.  She also talks about how she became interested in writing children’s books that spring from her memories of childhood and her interest in illustrating books.  In addition to updating her life story, Patricia has refined the discussion of  how she creates the art for her books and she has added new text to explain how she writes and revises her stories. 


   4 titles in paperback
   64 pages  full-color
   $8.00 each
   Purchase the Collection - 4 titles
   $28.00 and Save $4.00


The Collection: 4 titles by well known children's book authors. This UNIQUE and INSPIRING collection of 64-page, soft-cover author memoirs is for students in grades 4-7. Students gain useful, practical knowledge of writing from examples of the writing process shared by these successful authors.

Ralph Fletcher is a well-loved author of many valuable books, including books about how to write in various genres.  His books help teachers inspire students to become eager and proficient writers, and his school visits are a celebration of reading and writing. Ralph Fletcher includes a chapter on My Writer’s Notebook in REFLECTIONS.

Author at Work books are for older children.  They are based on the same model as Meet the Author, but they are 64 pages in paperback with more space allocated to tell the author’s story and to explore how they resolve challenges to writing.  Each of the four books in the collection includes a table of contents.  See for example Ralph Fletcher’s book,REFLECTIONS.

Author Introduction
1  My Missing Manuscript
2  Deep Roots
3  Early Writing
4  My Writer’s Notebook
5  Drafting
6  Revision
7  Fig Pudding
8  A Conversation with Ralph Fletcher
9  The Best Award

Readers of Author at Work books will discover common elements that appear in the four current titles.  They will also discover distinctive differences in the way each of the authors works.  The four authors in the collection are Ralph Fletcher, Nikki Grimes, Margaret Mooney, and Jane Yolen.  An outstanding cluster of writers by all standards.

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New Books


September, 2014

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New Books From Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc. 
to Support Effective Teaching and Learning!

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Resources For Students

 click cover
by B.J. Stone

  Books for Young Learners
   Trade Book Quality - Instructional Value

Our Books for Young Learners (BYL) PK-3 collection includes 175 titles leveled by Reading Recovery and Fountas and Pinnell; 82 are translated into Spanish with 69 leveled by Descubriendo la lectura (DLL).

Includes fiction and non-fiction, illustrations and photographs, multi-cultural themes, and a variety of trim sizes. Some titles are in Lap Book size formats. Titles available in many genres of writing.
And the great thing about the collection is that students enjoy reading the stories.
 click cover
Still Firetalking

by Patricia Polacco

           Meet the Author
             Information and Inspiration

Give children an inside view of the writing process with these 32 popular and award-winning author autobiographies, written especially for grades 2-5. Engaging text and fascinating, full-color photographs invite children to see how successful authors turn ideas into books.

Students learn what is involved in developing a story, editing and revising, and how the authors became writers. These mentor texts are excellent resources to engage your students in the writing process and for author studies.

Resources For Teachers

 click cover

The Essential RMA:
A Window into Readers' Thinking

by Yetta M. Goodman,
     Prisca Martens and
     Alan D. Flurkey

Retrospective Miscue Analysis (RMA) was first a research tool. Now it is a teaching tool. Information collected by the teacher through miscue analysis leads to meaningful discussions between teacher and student and among students. Using RMA, readers of all ages learn to become proficient readers of text. RMA helps them participate in conversations about the reading process and helps them develop skills as readers and writers.

The Essential RMA is useful as a text in undergraduate and graduate courses in teacher education, and as a teaching resource in elementary and secondary classrooms, and in working with adults.

 Look Inside
Table of Contents   Preface 
Author Bios  Endorsements

click cover
Outstanding Formative Assessment: Culture and Practice
Outstanding Formative Assessment: Culture and Practice

by Shirley Clarke

For the past 15 years British academic Shirley Clarke has embraced a dynamic definition of formative assessment as a set of proven learning processes with which pupils do better and are more likely to become lifelong learners.  At the heart of this approach to formative assessment is the idea of a learning culture, where children and teachers have a growth mindset, self-belief, meta-cognitive skills and the belief that all can succeed.

Outstanding Formative Assessment is filled with high quality ideas, practical strategies, classroom examples and whole school case studies for teachers in primary and secondary schools.

Look Inside
Table Of Contents and Introduction
Growth mindset excerpt


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