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April, 2015

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If you knew Formative Assessment
 like Shirley Clarke Knows Formative Assessment...
...You would be using it in your classroom now!

Outstanding Formative Assessment: Culture and PracticeFor the past 15 years Shirley Clarke has embraced a different and dynamic definition of formative assessment as a set of proven learning processes with which student and teacher, student and student collaborate in a learning culture. Where formative assessment is a method of enabling students, and questions are structured to prompt dialogue, cognitive thinking and articulation of their understandings and   knowledge as a response.  

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 Outstanding Formative Assessment:
 Culture and Practice
 by Shirley Clarke 

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       Table Of Contents and Introduction
       Growth mindset excerpt
It's the nature of the questions you ask, that will reveal the depth of understanding and knowledge your students have to move forward.

Outstanding Formative Assessment by Shirley Clark demonstrates how you can use this dynamic form of Formative Assessment to enable as well as measure student progress in grades K-12.

     Read Edweek's Peter DeWitt's Blog,
      post written by Shirley Clarke  Formative
      Assessment: The Right Question at the
      Right Time

"Outstanding Formative Assessment serves as a valuable resource for K-12  educators. Shirley Clarke’s approach to the book describes a framework for effectively integrating the formative process at the classroom level. The author provides the necessary background information, numerous examples of teacher tested strategies for implementing the framework across a range of grade levels and content areas, and QR codes that access video clips of what the ideas shared in the book look like in practice. The author includes examples of strategies from her recent work in the US and in England."

       Kim Zeidler-Watters, University of
       Kentucky College of Education
       Director of the Partnership Institute for

Core sections of the book include:
  • Laying the foundations for formative assessment 
  • Effective starts to lessons
  • Developing the learning
  • Effective ends to lessons
  • Developing a whole-school approach

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  • Helps teachers create an environment for pupils to be active learners, constant reviewers and self-assessors.
  • Ensures teachers start and finish lessons effectively by initially establishing students' prior knowledge and capturing their interest and finally encouraging pupil reflection to find out what has been learned and what still needs to be developed.
  • Develops learning by helping students articulate their understanding and focusing on constant review and improvement.
  • Focuses on whole-school development including lesson study, assessment policies and stories from outstanding schools.

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