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Good Day Educator,

We are honored to have been the Featured Publisher for Leveled Books at previous TCRWP Reading Institutes in the summer for four years.

Our Books for Young Learners were used in the sessions for teachers of Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2.

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Children's Books  for your PK-7 classrooms are engaging and of excellent quality, and can be used successfully for instruction, assessment, and independent reading.

We also have a wide range of professional books for your educational reading.

  College credit is available. Look for the
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shown with the books.

Thank you for your interest.
Contact us for assistance at 800-336-5588 M-F 9-5 EDT. We are eager to hear from you.

Books for Young Learners Grades PK-3
English and Spanish

Recognized by:
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Comprehensive Intervention Model,
 Descubriendo la Lectura,
 North Carolina Department of Public Instruction,
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We have Alphabet Cards and Lap Books
and Other Ancillary Materials

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R.C. Owen Books for Young Learners in Teacher's College Classroom Libraries


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      Single Copy 6 Pack
B My Dog Fuzzy Boland, Janice $6.00 $27.00
C Bedtime Finney, Amy J. $6.00 $27.00
C Hop and Stop Blanchard, Pat and Joanne Shur $6.00 $27.00
C Pigs Peek Cox, Rhonda $6.00 $27.00
C The Fox Boland, Janice/ Boddy, Joe (ILT) $6.00 $27.00
D Beach Feet Jackson, Marjorie $6.00 $27.00
D Eat Your Broccoli Yates, Kari $6.00 $27.00
D I Meowed Boland, Janice $6.00 $27.00
D My Box Bunting, Eve $6.00 $27.00
D My Little Brother Ben Cogan, Karen $6.00 $27.00
D So Sleepy Boland, Janice $6.00 $27.00
D The Paper Bag Ford, Carolyn $6.00 $27.00
D There Was A Mouse Blanchard, Pat and Joanne Shur $6.00 $27.00
E Click! Cox, Rhonda $6.00 $27.00
E Henry Beveridge, Donna $6.00 $27.00
E Kitty Goes Splash Hill, Merle Roddy $6.00 $27.00
E Misty Sleeps Parker, Daisy $6.00 $27.00
E My Bug Box Blanchard, Pat and Joanne Suhr $6.00 $27.00
E Old Bumpy Alligator Blanchard, Pat and Joanne Suhr $6.00 $27.00
E So Many Strawberries Merrow, Judy $6.00 $27.00
F Artist Podoshen, Lois $6.00 $27.00
F Camel Ben Boucher, Carter $6.00 $27.00
F Cats Everywhere Gangas, Patricia $6.00 $27.00
F Dogs At School Hardin, Suzanne $6.00 $27.00
F Gecko's Story Moeller, Kathleen H. $6.00 $27.00
F Grandpa's Candy Store Podoshen, Lois and Finch, Linda $6.00 $27.00
F Henry Runs Away Beveridge, Donna $6.00 $27.00
F Jasper Galloway, Ginger $6.00 $27.00
F Mai-Li's Surprise Jackson, Marjorie $6.00 $27.00
F No Dogs Allowed Hardin, Suzanne $6.00 $27.00
F Nothing In The Mailbox Ford, Carolyn $6.00 $27.00
F The Birthday Bird Podoshen, Lois $6.00 $27.00
F The Old Train Latta, Rich $6.00 $27.00
F The Sparrows Slaughter, Robert $6.00 $27.00
F The Strongest Animal Boland, Janice $6.00 $27.00
G Joe's Blue Shoes Barone, Michelle $6.00 $27.00
G Little Panda Bowen, Sherry $6.00 $27.00
G Paco's Garden Podoshen, Lois $6.00 $27.00
G The Changing Caterpillar Shahan, Sherry $6.00 $27.00
G The Lid Di Gennaro, Michael P. $6.00 $27.00
G The Storm Sawyer, Walter $6.00 $27.00
H A Little Green Dandelion Bauld, Jane Scoggins $6.00 $27.00
H Andi's Wool Cox, Rhonda $6.00 $27.00
H Concrete Javernick, Ellen $6.00 $27.00
H Henry's Tricks Beveridge, Donna $6.00 $27.00
H Jake's First Word Luongo, Jane $6.00 $27.00
H Little Puffer Fish Hassanein, Amany F. $6.00 $27.00
H Mama Cut My Hair Wilkinson, Lisa $6.00 $27.00
H Mrs. Murphy's Crows Boland, Janice $6.00 $27.00
H Pancakes for Breakfast Silvano, Wendi J. $6.00 $27.00
H The Bear's Tale Schlachter, Rita $6.00 $27.00
H The Little Book Of Street Rods Lattimer, Jule-Ann $6.00 $27.00
H Too Many Nuts Herbst, Cheryl K. $6.00 $27.00
H Turtle Nest Schaefer, Lola M. $6.00 $27.00
I A Small Sailboat Bennett, Shawny $6.00 $27.00
I At The Lake Cunningham, Alvin Robert $6.00 $27.00
I Baron: Rescue Dog Schaefer, Lola $6.00 $27.00
I Bunny Magic Hardin, Suzanne $6.00 $27.00
I Coyote Plants a Peach Tree Brown, Mary $6.00 $27.00
I Crabbing Time Smith, Rebecca $6.00 $27.00
I Dogs Love To Play Ball Hardin, Suzanne $6.00 $27.00
I Goha And His Donkey Hassanein, Amany $6.00 $27.00
I Little Critters Sio, Betsy Menson $6.00 $27.00
I My Mom's Apron O'Brien, Claudia Moore $6.00 $27.00
I Our Polliwogs Livesey, Claire $6.00 $27.00
I Perlitas Chamberlain, Judith A. $6.00 $27.00
I Shintaro's Umbrellas Jackson, Marjorie $6.00 $27.00
I Termites Bach, Mary/ Lyon, Tammie (ILT) $6.00 $27.00
I The Super-Duper Sandwich Myers, Bernice $6.00 $27.00
I Who Cleans The Museum? Brochu, Lisa $6.00 $27.00
J Pat and Pea Soup Stegall, Billy Mark $6.00 $27.00
J The Author On My Street Cook, Lisa Broadie $6.00 $27.00
J Two Fables Of Aesop Hamilton, Martha $6.00 $27.00
J Walking Home Alone Baker, Ginger $6.00 $27.00
L Jeepers Rondinone, Craig $6.00 $27.00
L The Coral Reef Robinson, Janet $6.00 $27.00
L Zemti Bowen, Sherry $6.00 $27.00
N Hidden In The Midden Campbell, Martha $6.00 $27.00
O From Paper Airplanes To Outer Space   PB Simon, Seymour $8.00 38.40
O Still Firetalking PB Polacco, Patricia $8.00 38.40
  Baron: Rescue dog (BIG Book) Schaefer, Lola $15.00
  Reflections  PB Fletcher, Ralph $8.00


 Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc. -  PO Box 585, Katonah NY 10536 - 800-336-5588 M-F 9:00-5:00 EST - FAX 914-232-3977

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