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READERS’ THEATER is great for students developing reading and writing skills in grades PK-3

It's fun and beneficial
for the whole class!

You and your students can perform our Readers’ Theater scripts, and read the books for further enjoyment and reading instruction.

Flip the Script! Students can write their own version of our scripts
based on the stories in our books, using the scripts as a guide.

   ● improves reading comprehension
   increases fluency
   extends vocabulary
   develops oral skills, listening skills, social skills, and confidence
   offers opportunities for various writing activities
   written for Emergent, Early, and Fluent readers 

 Adapted from Books for Young Learnersshort, engaging fiction and nonfiction
 books with compelling content about topics related to your curriculum.

Emergent   ●   Early   ●   Fluent
(each package includes
5 Books and 5 Scripts!)
 Emergent Readers' Theater Package  $22.50 + shipping BUY NOW  
 Breakfast with John   Hop and Stop        Kitty Goes Splash          There Was a Mouse                  So Sleepy          
  Fiction                             Fiction                            Fiction                                Fiction                                  Fiction   
  8 pgs. word count 29         8 pgs. word count 35       12 pgs. word count 112        16 pgs. word count 77             8 pgs. word count 35     
Early Readers' Theater Package
$22.50 + shipping BUY NOW  

At the Lake          The Changing Caterpillar          The Dollar             Eat Your Broccoli                Turtle Nest  
      Nonfiction                           Nonfiction                                  Fiction                           Fiction                               Nonfiction     
 16 pgs. word count 176        8 pgs. word count 56        16 pgs. word count 169     12 pgs. word count 72        16 pgs. word count 84

 Fluent Readers' Theater Package 
$22.50 + shipping BUY NOW

  Cakewalk             Diving for Treasure      Goodbye, Goose             Mama's Llamas              Treasures
     Fiction                            Nonfiction                         Fiction                                  Fiction                              Fiction    
  16 pgs. word count 251      16 pgs. word count 284      16 pgs. word count 112     16 pgs. word count 264            16 pgs. word count 263

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