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[2] Reading



 Benchmark kit

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Books for Young Learners Meet the Author School
The News
The News Extra
 P-Kindergarten    Emergent       
  Early 1          
 First Grade     Early 2         
   Early 3 
   Early 4
 Second Grade    Fluent 1
   Fluent 2
   Fluent 3
   Fluent 4
   All Titles    Part 1  
 Third Grade       All Titles    Part 1
   Part 2
   The News I
   The News II
 Fourth Grade      All Titles    Part 2
   Part 3
   The News I
   The News II
 Fifth Grade      All Titles    Part 3    The News I
   The News II
   News Extra
 Sixth Grade        Part 4    News Extra
 Seventh Grade        Part 4    News Extra
 Eighth Grade        Part 4  

[1] Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) levels were developed in 1997 by Joetta Beaver
  in collaboration with primary teachers and are appropriate for regular classroom use. Published
  by Pearson Learning Group.

[2] Reading Recovery levels were developed by Marie Clay for use with students experiencing
  reading difficulties rather than for classroom use. Regular Reading Recovery levels end at 20. 21
  and beyond are advanced levels.

[3] Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell have several books on leveling. Sundance publications use
  their system.

[4] PM & PM Plus Starters One and Two have a wider range of levels than can be conveniently
  indicated here.


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