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There Was a Mouse lap book used with Max the puppet

This beautiful lap book lends itself to many opportunities for building comprehension in wonderful ways! I can use a mouse puppet to help children engage with the book and with the mouse in the story. The puppet  shares what he is thinking as he enters the closet, the shoe, the pocket, and then the boy's pocket. The main theme of the story lends itself perfectly to  'prediction' skills. WHY did the mouse chew and chew? What other places could a mouse go and chew? What should the boy do with his jacket now? If you don't want your mouse puppet to talk, no problem! Have him whisper in your ear as you respond to him, back and forth. A puppet can be a 'silent teacher' if it is used to engage, motivate, and connect young learners to a character in a great story. This story and my own mouse puppet, Max, are a perfect match!

                                                             Dr. Connie Hebert
                                                             National Literacy Consultant
                                                             Reading Program Professor


"Dr. Hebert is one of the leading literacy luminaries in our nation today. In her first book, "Catch a Falling Reader", she provides the inspiration, moral purpose and practical strategies that will help parents and teachers throughout the country develop a generation of lifetime readers, writers and thinkers. The message throughout every page of the book is that every child can succeed.

Guy Stella, Ph.D., Assistant Superintendent, Stratford, Connecticut