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A Book is A Present:
Selecting Text for Intentional Teaching

by Margaret E. Mooney

2004 pb 160 pages
Item #538

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Building on inspiration and knowledge in the classic Reading To, With, and By Children, Mooney takes teachers at all levels and understandings deeper into the complexities of text selection and instructing readers. Examples and demonstrations using fiction and nonfiction texts show teachers the art of analyzing text, how to ask effective comprehension questions, and how to help students link reading and writing. A companion to Text Forms and Features.

Includes two presents for you—one copy each of Books for Young Learners title The Birds at My Barn and The News title Minibeasts.
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"Margaret is that so very wise teacher who can communicate her enormous expertise to us in such a way that we feel we can achieve the success with children that she has. Her new book, A BOOK IS A PRESENT,... is a gift to all of us."

 Teaching K-8 Magazine
          Book Includes two presents:
        One copy of BYL Title - Birds in my Barn
The News Title - Minibeasts


Author Bio:
Margaret E. Mooney’s teaching, writing, and publishing career began in New Zealand, but for the past several years she has been dividing her time between New Zealand and the United States, especially the state of Washington. She encourages teachers to view all children as worthy, not needy, emphasizing education as a process of enhancement and not one of compensation. She promotes guided reading as an instructional approach in which children practice, apply, and extend skills and strategies in order to understand text on the first reading. Margaret has written the Books for Young Learners Teacher Resource, Text Forms and Features: A Resource for Intentional Teaching, Reading To, With, and By Children, and Developing Life- long Readers. In 1998, Queen Elizabeth II appointed Margaret as an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for her services to education, particularly the teaching of reading.

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